Who We Are???

   Indian real estate market has come a long way from a rudimentary stage to a current structure of organized operations. In olden days, real estate used to be mainly rental markets dominated by the local agents and scattered and localized sales transactions.

   In the last two decades, the trends have totally changed. More specifically, one could witness dramatic transformation in the realty deals in the new millennium, thanks to global investors. However, the Indian realty market is not as suave as the developed markets but is in the evolving stage. It still has a long way to go.

   Carrying to the international level and fulfilling the aspirations of all the players in the industry requires promotional activities. The task is being accomplished through various communication media. Print media is playing a vital role in promoting the realty activities in the country. Our Building and Construction, a monthly realty magazine in English, is proud to be part of this bandwagon.










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